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     This Santa loves Children and loves to help out with Fundraisers   

   Santa for your Fundraiser Children's Christmas Party this year  ?

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   Major concerns to think about !

   a)  we are hiring a virtually unknown person to entertain our children ?

   b)  what if Santa doesn't show up for our Children's party ?

   c)  is this a private person or  from a registered entertainment agency ? 

   d)  does this Santa have an RCMP Security Background check ?

   e)  do we have any references from other companies about this Santa ?

   f)   does he have a real beard and what is his costume like ?

   g)  I am the person that hired our Santa -I hope I didn't make a mistake?

  We provide Santas for Shopping Malls, Corporate Parties and Private Residence visits

                  All of our Santas are RCMP Security Cleared  

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